This Week’s Fun

I am trying to stay busy while currently not having a job.  I have been filling my days with job searching and also trying to have a little fun even with all the cold weather.  Hopefully, next week will start to warm up a little and get rid of some of this snow.

This week, I went to the library a couple of times.  It’s such a great place to lose myself for a few hours.  Reading magazines or getting caught up in all the rows of books.  It definitely helps take my mind off of things.

I also walked around the Somerset Collection on Thursday.  It’s an awesome, upscale mall not far from my house.  Tons of stores.  I am not a huge shopper, but I love to window shop and it’s nice to be out of the house.  Of course, I saw a ton of cute clothes I wanted to get, but decided to wait to see about a job and what I would need to wear.

Friday, we went to see The Kingsmen and walked around Great Lakes Outlets.  Great movie and again I just did some window shopping.

I love the days when my husband is home with me.  We always have fun and fill the day.  When he is working, my days kinda drag.  Crossing my fingers that a job comes through soon.

On the bright side, Spring is only 3 weeks away!!  I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can get outside!


Things To Do

I am a planner.  I love making lists and checking items off.  Makes me feel like I am getting things accomplished.  So of course, I started putting together a To Do list of the things I would like to do in our new home town.

A lot of this list will have to wait until it starts warming up in Michigan, but I am getting excited and ready for Spring.  This never ending cold weather is taking a toll on me, especially since we haven’t lived in the North since 2008.  I am ready for flip flops :0)

Here it goes:

  1. Troy Museum & Historic Village
  2. Sea Life Aquarium – this just opened so hoping to check it out when kids are in school
  3. Detroit Tigers game
  4. Detroit Lions game (super excited to be back in a large city with major sports teams!!!!)
  5. Visit Frankenmuth – it’s a little town about an hour from us that is Christmas all year!
  6. Great Lakes Golf and Sports Complex – again perfect for winter since it’s all indoors
  7. Go to the movies – love that we have awesome movie theaters again.  This is one of our favorite things to do and our movie theater in Key West was terrible.
  8. The Library – I went yesterday and it was great for a cold day.  Our library here has a used book store, little shop and even a cafe.  Very cool…perfect for getting lost for a few hours.
  9. Great Lakes Outlets – all indoors!
  10. The Somerset Collection – awesome upscale mall that takes up 2 sides of the street and has a skywalk that connects both sides over the street
  11. Go to a concert or comedy show – there are lots of great venues for that here
  12. Walk around the downtown areas of Rochester, Royal Oak and Birmingham – all have neat boutique shops and restaurants
  13. Troy Community Center – features a fitness center with classes, rec activities and a pool
  14. Nature Center
  15. Parks – there are a bunch of nice parks right around us (they even look nice with all the snow!)
  16. Nature trails
  17. Golfing – there are 2 courses right by us.  Not really into golf, but like going to the driving range
  18. Bowling – always a good time in the winter

So that is my list so far.  I will keep adding more items and letting you know about the things I do.  Can’t wait to get started!

A Little About Me…

For the past 10 years, my husband and I have moved all over the country for his job.  We both work for hotels and that comes with moving A LOT…every couple of years (or in our case, every year).  I met my husband when we both were working in the Washington, DC/Arlington, VA area.  From there, we moved to Greenwich, CT followed by Austin, TX, Monterey, CA, San Antonio, TX and Key West, FL.

As soon as we got to Key West, I knew it wasn’t for me.  It’s a great area for a vacation, but it just wasn’t home.  We were both ready to move closer to our families as we started talking about a family of our own.  In May of 2014, we found out that my husband’s division of his company was being sold to another company.  It was the perfect time to start looking at what other options were out there.  It was time to move to a place that we both wanted to be and not just because he was told to go there.

It took a few months, but he was able to get a great job with a new hotel company.  The position is in Michigan.  At first, I was a little hesitant.  Neither one of us is from Michigan nor do we have family here.  But, my in-laws are only 2 hours away and my parents are a 10 hour drive.  We are both from the midwest/northeast area and were super excited to be able to drive to see our families instead of flying.  We would be able to get home a lot easier whenever we wanted or needed to.

So in December, I said goodbye to a job I was really happy in to make the move.  I am excited for this new, fresh start, but nervous too.  I have to start over again!!…meet new people, find a new job.  But the idea that this is a place where we can be for a long time and raise a family makes the idea of starting over again much easier.

My idea for the blog is to help me get out of the house and see what our new town has to offer.  I can become like a hermit when we move, especially with my husband working.  It’s easier to just stay home, right?  Well, now that we are moved in to a place, I have no excuse.  This blog will help me get out and try new things.

Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for us!